Hey, I am Garry and social media is my thing.

I help different businesses understand social media better. From detailed advertising to creating campaigns and strategies, I can help your business or organisation.

I break things down into an easy to understand format and work with business owners or marketing departments to help them achieve more.

I work with companies in different ways, either consulting, training or as part of your team. This is defined by the business, and every one of my clients are different.

My Work

I work with different types of companies advising on social media strategy and ads.

Check out some of my case studies below.

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Casestudy: Facebook Ads for Taxi Company

I worked with one of my clients, an airport transfers company in London to turn their £500 budget into £12,000 in just one month.

See the story below.

I have included screenshots of the 197 results below. My client had an average sale of £65, and so 197 sales x £65 average sale amount is £12,805.

I achieved this through this process:

1. Setting up Facebook Pixel on the clients website. This monitors visitors and you can track at what stage visitors are leaving without making a sale.

2. Setting up Facebook Ads for the client which retargets specifically visitors who have started to complete a booking but left without making a sale.

3. The results above reflect those who have revisited the website and completed a sale based on my Facebook Ads.

I have went on to work further with this client, setting up Facebook Ad funnels in specific locations throughout the UK.

© Ask Garry, 2019.