Hey, I am Garry and I help online shops across the UK understand how to use social media to gain more sales.

What I will teach you is not magic, it is using Facebook Pixel to retarget visitors to come back to your website and complete their purchase.

I am running two seminars teaching other ecommerce business owners and marketing professionals to Edinburgh and Glasgow in 2019, and you are invited.

Why you should attend:

Unlike the HUNDREDS of marketing courses that you find online, I have used what I teach to find success for different clients.

It is not sales bullshit, it is simple and easy to understand. From attending my seminar, you will learn how to set up and develop campaigns in Facebook Ads Manager in a step-by-step process. I will hold your hand along the way.

I will also show you how to set up a two stage Facebook Ad funnel for your audience, and how to install and use Facebook Pixel for your business.

A breakdown of the day:

Below is a list of things that you will learn and what I will cover.

I will help you understand Facebook Ads objectives, what they really mean and how to pick the best one to suit your business needs. How a two stage funnel works. Targeting audiences including core audiences, lookalike audiences and custom audiences. Setting up Facebook Pixel. Setting up and tracking conversions.

Turning £500 into £12,000 in one month.

An example of what I have achieved for one of my clients is below:

I worked with one of my clients, an airport transfers company in London to turn their £500 budget into £12,000 in just one month. See the story below.

I have included screenshots of the 197 results below. My client had an average sale of £65, and so 197 sales x £65 average sale amount is £12,805.


Where is the training?
Both seminars will take place in a central location in Glasgow and Edinburgh, venue TBC.

What is the agenda?
09:30 - Arrival
10:00 - Introduction
10:15 - Training
13:15 - Questions and Ends

Will you try and sell me stuff?
No. I am not looking to take your job. I want to help you do your job better, so offering these seminars.

Is this seminar right for my skill level?
If you are already using Facebook for a business then yes. If you are a novice, no. My manner of teaching is no jargon and easy to understand.

What is the cost?
Tickets cost £149pp and includes a free takeaway workbook with the information taught in the seminar.


Monday 14th October 2019

Tuesday 15th October 2019


I have worked in digital marketing for over 5 years, helping businesses grow online. The way I teach is in a jargon free way, helping business owners understand how to use social media better.

I have worked freelance with lots of different companies throughout the UK including large corporates. I have also travelled and taught to organisations throughout Europe. Clients include Google, Ernst & Young and lots of different ecommerce shops, from charities to dog food.

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